Friday, February 12, 2010

Dog, Cat & Girl

Peyton is constantly referring to our pets as simply "Cat" and "Dog", so today I decided to put and end to it and get her to call them by their names. She did very well. She is getting older and I was able to reason with her. I showed her how I did it and said "Hi Peyton, hi Ray, hi Karma" then I told her to do it. First she called them "Cat" and "Dog" so I told her I was going to call her "Girl". She wasn't too sure about that and almost immediately called them by their names! It was so simple and so easy! I was so proud of myself...

Then my husband woke up and I told him what, and how, I had taught her and to ask her to say "Ray" and "Karma". He did. She called them "Cat" and "Dog". So he told her "Fine, I'll call you Human". She scowled at him and very seriously said "No, Girl". Apparently, "Girl" has grown on her and is now an acceptable replacement for her name... She hasn't said "Ray" or "Karma" since... They are back to "Cat" and "Dog"...

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