Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fine, Do It Yourself!

Peyton is VERY impatient, especially when it comes to food. The other day I was trying to make her lunch while she did everything imaginable to make it difficult, because we all know the harder something is the faster we get it done...

Anyway, I gave up!!! I sat her at the table with bread, mustard, ham and cheese and told her "Fine, do it yourself!". She was thrilled! At first she wasn't sure exactly how to put it together, but she figured it out. She always takes her sandwiches apart anyway, so I was surprised to see her even bother assembling it... I was even more shocked to see her eat the whole thing like a sandwich!

Although, I feel slightly insulted that she feels the need to "investigate" what I put inside sandwiches(Checking for bugs perhaps), I'm not going to complain! She loved it. I didn't have to make it. She ate the whole thing!

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