Thursday, October 14, 2010

He lost his shoes in a poker game?

Last week Brenton started wearing his new boots. I sent his sneakers into school for gym class so he would have them to wear.

Well, today Brent came home with someone else's shoes on. He didn't have his boots or his sneakers. There was also a thank you note in his backpack for the $11.00 I sent in an envelope. I didn't send any money in. When I asked Brent about the money he said that everybody else had money and nobody claimed it so he did.

When I continued going through his backpack I found a bunch of poker chips leaving me with only one conclusion. He must have lost his shoes, gained $11.00 and a new pair of shoes in a poker game. I'm not sure what other conclusion to draw...

What a strange day... Just when you think you know your kids something like this happens.